Kaylene Beck, Vice President, Mortgage Loan Originator, Joins The Bank of Austin’s Mortgage Team With Over 25 Years Of Industry Tenure

Pictured: Kaylene Beck, Vice President, Mortgage Loan Originator

Kaylene Beck, Vice President, Mortgage Loan Originator, has recently joined The Bank of Austin’s mortgage team, bringing over 20 years of mortgage expertise with her. Inspired by the close-knit, supportive network of Austin and committed to serving her community, Kaylene shares about her career experience, her determination to present mortgage solutions to the clients she serves, and her passion for volunteer work outside of the bank with children and families through the CASA organization of Williamson County.


What is your experience and career background?

I have been in the financial services industry for about 26 years, and on the mortgage side for over 20 years. I started my career as a post closer with a small mortgage company. I have been in compliance, processing, and have been originating for about 15 years. 


What is your specialty professionally, and how do you serve your clients through your position at The Bank of Austin?  

What I love about my job is being able to figure out the puzzle. I really listen to what our clients are trying to accomplish and offer them solutions that they might not have thought about.   


What are your activities and hobbies outside of work? 

My husband and I have seven children between us, so we have always stayed busy outside of work. I like to kayak and be on the water and I love to travel. You never really appreciate how well we have it here in Austin until you travel to other places and see things from a different perspective. 


Which community organizations are you involved with?

I am a volunteer with the Williamson County CASA organization. I work with children and families that are in the court system due to neglect or abuse. 


What inspires you about working in Austin?

Austin has become home for me. I grew up in Florida, but the majority of my career has been in Austin. As big as the city is, there are so many people that have connections with each other that you do not even realize. I love that so many people want to give back to the community here. Volunteer work has become a big part of my life and I attribute that to being in Austin.


Which of our Texas Partners Bank values resonates most with you in your work, and why?

Integrity. I always try to do the right thing. If you do the right thing, your integrity can never be called into question. Do the right thing, even when no one is looking.


Vice President, Mortgage Loan Originator

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