Austin’s Landesign Services and the Growth of the City They Serve

May 19, 2020

The Austin-based company Landesign Services, Inc. (LSI) has grown into one of the most effective and reliable land surveying firms in the state of Texas. Co-owned by husband and wife Travis and Brandy Tabor, LSI works on big projects for clients like the City of Austin and TxDOT, helping Austin and Texas stay ahead of the immense growth they’re experiencing.

Landesign Services started in 2002 and went through a series of owners before Brandy and her husband purchased it in 2017. When Brandy and Travis bought the company, Landesign Services was already well-established with a good reputation and many experienced employees. “They had a good thing going and we kind of wanted to grab ahold of that and then push it even further,” Brandy says.
From there, they knew their company could continue to grow and flourish. “We want to do it all,” Brandy says, “We want to survey everything in Texas if we can.” The Tabor’s vision for Landesign’s growth mirrors Austin’s own impressive growth.

“We love development, just seeing all the big stuff that we can accomplish.”
LSI first got connected with The Bank of Austin when the Tabors were tossing around the idea of purchasing Landesign. Travis asked a friend who had recently purchased a business who he consulted during that process. For banking, the friend highly recommended Lou Clark from The Bank of Austin. Landesign has been working with The Bank of Austin ever since.

One thing Brandy really appreciates about The Bank of Austin is, “The one-on-one relationship that we’ve always had with Lou and everybody really.” Working with a local bank means you aren’t just another number.

“I feel that with The Bank of Austin. They're definitely watching out for us, they've taken the time to know us and be personal and all those things are just great.”
For other entrepreneurs in Austin, Brandy’s advice comes from experience: “Find a team that’s going to work for you. And I would say you have to have good people surrounding you.” It’s clear that Brandy and Travis have harnessed the power of a good team with the employees at Landesign and the company they keep.

Thanks to their partnership with The Bank of Austin, Brandy knows Landesign can continue to grow because The Bank of Austin has “definitely helped the growth for our vision of where we wanted to be.”