Fraud protection

Fraud Protection

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Secure Your Austin Business Against Fraud

Our financial specialists and personal business bankers at The Bank of Austin are experienced in protecting your business—developing strategies to prevent fraud, as well as consistently monitoring your business accounts.

We help you and your business accelerate detection of fraud patterns, reduce losses by detecting possible fraud early, minimize operational costs and keep you up-to-date on malicious activity. This allows you to focus on what’s important—taking your Austin business to the next level.
The Bank of Austin ACH Filter solution monitors and protects your account from unauthorized ACH withdrawals.

How the ACH process works: 
  • You provide a list of authorized entities in advance
  • We compare your authorized list to all withdrawals attempting to post to your account
  • We notify you of any unauthorized withdrawal attempts
  • We immediately return any item that is unauthorized
  • You pay no monthly maintenance fees for ACH Filter
Positive Pay allows your business to combat check fraud by verifying which checks are authorized by you for payment.
How Positive Pay works:
  • We monitor and detect fraudulent checks attempting to clear your account
  • You provide a list of issued checks in advance through our online banking portal
  • We compare your authorized list to all items attempting to clear
  • We send you images of exceptions through your online banking portal
  • You respond online with pay or return instructions
  • Your information is encrypted and secure
  • You pay no monthly maintenance fees for Image Positive Pay

Protect your business account from unauthorized ACH debits with Debit Block.

  • All withdrawals can be blocked for deposit-only accounts, reducing the potential for fraud
  • Debit Block is free of charge

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