Honoring Our Moms | Mother’s Day 2021

Honoring Our Moms Patricia Wilson, Katy, Angelica palm Of Texas Partners Bank

We are proud to honor our hardworking mothers this Mother's Day, May 9th. In celebration of the love and joy that motherhood brings, we have asked a few of our mothers at The Bank of Austin to share words of wisdom they have learned from their own mothers, lessons they have learned from their children, and their best piece of advice for fellow mothers.

“I can imagine no heroism greater than motherhood.” —Lance Conrad

Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer


Patricia Wilson & Kids, Executive Vice President, HR Director With Texas Partners Bank


What have you learned from your mother?
I learned by watching the magnitude of my mother’s heart for truly being present and listening to others, sharing with everyone, thinking for myself, and never letting someone else define you. I also learned how to give a really good hug because my mother has a master’s degree in hugging.



Best piece of advice?
Make it an art to treasure each moment with your kids, your family, and in your alone time because that moment will never come again. Through this, we have gratitude and appreciate the special time as unique while fleeting and irreplaceable. We get so busy and sometimes even cannot wait for the kids to get a little older or a little more independent. Don’t rush it. Rest in it and recognize that every moment we spend with our children or our loved ones is infinitely valuable and deserves our full attention.



What have you learned from your children?

First, I have learned that motherhood has been the most insecure, unprepared, and impossible time for me. However, it has been one that has given me the most growth, the most fun, and the deepest love I have ever felt. The mountains and valleys are plentiful but the journey is more than enough. It is a gift. The other thing is that I have learned how to forgive myself, as kids have a way of being a mirror that is not always pleasing to see. Yet, through their eyes, you can see a whole new world and possibilities to be better.




Executive Vice President, P&C Producer, The Bank of Austin Insurance Group 

Katy Brooks & Kids, Executive Vice President, P & C Producer With Texas Partners Bank

What have you learned from your mother?

Be selfless when it comes to family. I always tell her, if I was half the mother she was, I would be proud of myself.

Best piece of advice?

Never judge a book by its cover (but in a positive way). 

What have you learned from your children?

What true unconditional love really means and looks like. I had no idea how deeply I could love until I had children.



Vice President, Marketing & Communications Director

Angelica Palm & Kids, Vice President, Marketing And Communications Director With Texas Partners Bank

What have you learned from your mother?

I learned that there is always a way forward, even if the path is unclear. Take that first step.

Best piece of advice?

Life is about consistency, not intensity. 

What have you learned from your children?

To give myself the permission to soak up the magic of animals, plants, and seasons of life.