Not 'If', But 'When'

Fraud and Cybercrime


“You will have a cyber incident if you own a business. It will happen. It’s probably happening today.” Andrew Moore, COO, IronEdge Group


It's not a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when."

Businesses of every size and every industry can experience cybercrime, and it's advantageous to protect your business against rising cyber attempts. At The Bank of Austin, our team of treasury management experts, led by Bobbie Bishop, senior vice president, treasury solutions relationship manager, is dedicated to being your partner in protecting your business from cybercrime. With customized cash management solutions for each business owner we serve, fraud mitigation tools are included in the preventative services we provide to keep your business financially healthy and growing.

Why fraud protection tools are necessary now more than ever.

Fraud is a $7 billion “industry,” and Texas businesses are the third hardest hit in the United States. Someone sitting on their couch two states away or across the globe can steal millions from a business with the click of a mouse.

Cybersecurity can be protected on two fronts: internal data and financial assets within the bank. IronEdge Group executives and cybersecurity experts Andrew Moore and Patrick Maese implore business owners to take fraud prevention seriously. “As a business owner, the biggest lie you can tell yourself is that if you haven’t been attacked yet by cybercrime, you won’t be.” Patrick Maese, Vice President, San Antonio Client Experience, IronEdge Group

Good security requires an investment of time and resources, so it pays to work with the right team of experts and get regular third-party assessments. Business owners also need to know their data what data needs protection and where it is and they need to layer their protection like an onion, keeping a copy of data and records off-site and testing backups on a regular basis. Most important, however, is user training. Your employees are your first line of defense. That’s why no one from your organization, from executives to entry-level employees, can be
exempt from participating. Everyone must be on board.

Why we're uniquely suited to meet your needs.

The first step toward protecting your business from potential fraud is education. If you know what to look for, you're one step ahead.– Bobbie Bishop, SVP, Treasury Solutions Relationship Manager
Our team of treasury management solution teammates are here to answer questions on how to best protect your business from fraud. We make customized recommendations, and help businesses optimize their processes to maximize their protections. Whether your business has experienced fraud before, or you're curious about what you can put into place to strengthen your treasury management processes, we'll help you make the most informed and efficient decisions so that you can chart a secure path forward.
BOBBIE BISHOP Senior Vice President, Treasury Management Sales Manager At Texas Partners Bank
Bobbie bishop

Senior Vice President, Treasury Solutions Relationship Manager

How are you protecting your business from fraud?
Uncover the secrets to robust fraud protection for your business. Meet with our Treasury Management Advisors to learn more.

Client Of Texas Partners Bank, Dave Collmann, CEO & President of TesCom
Client Dave Collmann, CEO & President of TesCom
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