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Tommy Elliott, Vice President, Business Banking Relationship Manager

Born and raised in Austin, Tommy Elliott is passionate about serving his city and contributing to its growth through his role as Vice President, Business Banking Relationship Manager. Tommy shares what energizes him about working with the Austin business community, what it means to him to be at a local bank, and how he helps area entrepreneurs to make Austin better.

What is your experience and career background?  

I have served in a variety of Business Banking roles for national banks for almost 20 years. I’ve been a Business Banking Relationship Manager, VP/Business Banking Officer and Business Banking Relationship Manager.

What do you enjoy most about business banking? What gives you energy about your role?    

My favorite thing about business banking is seeing the impact you can directly have on a business and the business owner, whether that is by helping with their day-to-day operations or by providing capital for growth. The thing that really gets me excited about banking is talking to business owners to learn about their passion for what they do.  

What does it mean to you to work at a local bank like The Bank of Austin

As someone who was born and raised in Austin, it's important to me to be part of a local bank that understands the market. In my experience, it is hard to explain to others outside of Austin how great this city is and what drives it. Being at The Bank of Austin, the team gets it and has the experience to make things happen for our clients   

What is distinct about Austin-area entrepreneurs? How would you describe them and why do you value/admire them?   

In my humble opinion, the distinction between Austin entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in other Texas cities is their creativity in businesses. Austin is definitely different from the rest of this great state; what drives the rest of the state doesn’t always fit with the creativity that we have here. There are times in prospect meetings when I am amazed at how a business owner came up with their ideas, and a little jealous I didn’t think of it first.

What do you help Austin entrepreneurs accomplish or how can they count on you to solve their pain-points?   

I want clients and prospects to rely on me for all their needs. If it's important to the client, it's important to me. If they are up early or late, then they can expect me to be

How do you help Austin entrepreneurs make Austin better?  

Most business owners that I have met or banked have all had a giving spirit and want to give back to this community. When meeting new clients or prospects, I will always ask what non profits or organizations they participate with and what is important to them 

How do you build and earn trust with your clients?  

By being dependable and delivering on my word

What are your activities and hobbies outside of work?    

I spend a lot of time and am very involved with my kids' sports. During the weekends we are usually at a ballfield around central Texas. Traveling and gaining new experiences for my kids is also a must in our house. Fishing along the Texas coast is a high priority for me and my son.

Which community organizations are you involved with?   

RBI AUSTIN and Susan G Komen of Central Texas. I’m a coach and volunteer with Oak Hill Youth Association and Manchaca Optimist. 

What inspires you about working in Austin?  

I love this city where I was born and where I’m raising my kids. I want to leave it better than when I got here. Being a banker at The Bank of Austin allows me to keep the small-town feel in this big city that we have become

Which of The Bank of Austin's values resonates most with you in your work, and why?  

Ownership. Being a relationship bank is important to me. Most banks will say that, but don’t actually understand what Austin, San Antonio and the Hill Country are all about. Most of the team that I work with are from Austin and have watched this town grow to what it has become.   

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Vice President, Business Banking Relationship Manager 

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