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 The Bank of Austin clients Michelle Lebovitz (left) and President and CEO of L2 Aviation, Mark Lebovitz (center), with their commercial banker, Mike Morgan (right), Senior Vice President, Commercial Relationship Manager.

Formed in 1997, L2 Aviation fills the void between the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and the aircraft operator when addressing the avionics upgrades and system integration requirements of the commercial transport aircraft industry. Since its incorporation, L2 has become a leader in servicing the needs of the aircraft operators by integrating and retrofitting the latest technologies to make great aircraft better.   

As L2 surpassed growth goals, Mark Lebovitz, President and CEO of L2 Aviation, actively pursued a banking relationship built on partnership. He met with Mike Morgan, Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking at The Bank of Austin, and he quickly gained the partnership he now counts on for steadfast strategic growth.

What specific services does L2 Aviation provide its clients and the general public?

L2 has grown into a world-class organization by providing turnkey solutions to the avionics integration industry. Very few have the capability or the desire to provide the level of service available from L2 for the avionics integration, design and certification needs of the industry, the manufacture of FAA-approved kits, and through our on-site support from our Remote Avionics Modification Services (RAMS) FAA-approved Repair Station teams. 

How would you describe your relationship with The Bank of Austin?   

The Bank of Austin and Mike Morgan have always been available to help L2 with anything, from financing to treasury management—all without hidden or surprise fees. I feel confident that I can rely on the bank to help us achieve our business goals.

As a business owner, how has The Bank of Austin helped you either manage daily operations of your company, or grow and scale your business? 

The Bank of Austin is a trusted advisor that understands my business needs, and I feel confident that I can rely on them well into the future to help achieve our business goals. 

Have the banking products that you use stood out to you as having been particularly valuable for your daily operations?  

Starting with the equipment loan and moving to the working capital line of credit, the credit facilities and efficiency of accessing them were very valuable. The online banking platform is easy to use and intuitive to understand. Since converting to The Bank of Austin, we have not issued a single check from our stock and can rely on the bill pay and the ACH system to deliver our payments. I think, above all else, the customer service at The Bank of Austin is what makes the difference. Questions are answered and needs are met quickly, and the staff are always professional and courteous. 

Is there a particular story you can share about a time that stands out to you when The Bank of Austin went above and beyond the call of service to support your business?  

The Bank of Austin and Mike Morgan delivered the equipment financing in December 2022 to allow us to increase capacity in 2023. The complication that the bank worked through was equipment from a non-U.S.-based seller who had to manufacture to order. Expansion of our revolving line of credit by four times over what we had at our previous bank has given us assurance that we’ll be able to meet large-order delivery dates when they arise. These experiences give me confidence that if we have an issue for which we need our bank’s advice and support, we can count on The Bank of Austin to make it happen quickly.

In your experience banking with The Bank of Austin, how valuable would you say it is to have a relationship with a banker that is local to Austin and truly understands your business and your community? 

Having a relationship with a local banker is extremely valuable. A local banker who knows us and our business provides a more personalized level of service. Local bankers have strong connections within the community, and this is true for The Bank of Austin and Mike Morgan. They introduce us to other professionals, potential partners, and resources that can benefit our business. Their network can provide added opportunities for growth and collaboration. 


"As the main point of contact between The Bank of Austin and L2 Aviation, the relationship that Mark and I have developed over the years is one that I deeply value. L2 is a world-class operation, and it has been rewarding to serve as a partner in their growth and provide the financial products to help them achieve their goals." — Mike Morgan, Senior Vice President, Commercial Relationship Manager, The Bank of Austin  


Why do you choose to root and grow your business in Austin?  

Mainly because we are from Austin. It’s where we want to live and enjoy the quality of life that Austin and the Hill Country have to offer. Texas, as a whole, is known for its business-friendly environment with lower taxes and fewer regulations, and offers various incentives for businesses. Austin consistently ranks highly in terms of quality of life. Austin continues to attract new residents every day, but affordability is a challenge that we’ll need to deal with in order to continue our growth plan here. 

Mike morgan
Senior Vice President, Commercial Relationship Manager
Commercial banking

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