The Bank of Austin Announces New Financial Center Near Downtown in Fourth Quarter 2021

The Bank of Austin Announces New Financial Center

Near Downtown in Fourth Quarter 2021

Convenient parking and located next to booming Austin neighborhoods

Austin, Texas—The Bank of Austin is scheduled to open its second financial center near downtown Austin to meet the growing needs of an expanding Austin economy. The Hartland Plaza location at 1717 West 6th Street, Suite 110 will open during the fourth quarter of 2021.

“We look forward to providing a convenient and accessible location for our clients near downtown Austin,” said Bruce Irick, The Bank of Austin, Executive Vice President, Private Banking Manager. “We will have an inviting space for clients to come in and make a deposit, access their safe deposit box or just visit with their Private Banker.”

Close to downtown and near well-established neighborhoods, The Bank of Austin Hartland Plaza location is within five minutes of the Tarrytown and Pemberton neighborhoods. It is also ten minutes north of the Westlake community which includes Lake Austin.

“The key to our expansion is our focus on being a local bank in Austin,” said Jon Eckert, President and CEO, The Bank of Austin. “Our experienced management team is from here, our decision making is locally-based, and that is unrivaled in Austin. Austin is growing and so are we thanks to the strong trust of our clients.”

Founded in 2017, The Bank of Austin is a business-to-business lender with a primary focus on small to mid-size companies in Travis and Williamson counties. The bank’s first financial center is in Mopac Center, located at 8611 N. MoPac Expressway.

The Bank of Austin is tech-focused with its operations and delivery of services. The Bank was prepared when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Texas when many businesses were run remotely.

In October of 2020, Capitol of Texas Bancshares, the holding company The Bank of Austin, and Texas Hill Country Bancshares, Inc., the bank holding company for Texas Hill Country Bank, were merged with and into Southwest Bancshares, Inc., which was immediately followed by the merger of The Bank of Austin and Texas Hill Country Bank with and into The Bank of San Antonio. The name of the surviving bank’s charter was changed to Texas Partners Bank, but each of the legacy banking locations of the combined bank will continue to operate under their current trade names of The Bank of San Antonio, The Bank of Austin and Texas Hill Country Bank, as members of Texas Partners Bank. The merger gives The Bank of Austin the ability to deliver a higher level of service, unparalleled in the Austin market.

“Building and nurturing relationships is the equation for success in all industries, especially in banking,” said J. Bruce Bugg, Jr., Chairman of Southwest Bancshares, Inc. “Business owners want to work with experienced people who live in their community and want to help them grow their business.”

“Our agenda is Austin focused,” added Eckert. “Instead of reporting to directors outside the state, our focus is Austin and meeting the needs of Austin’s growing business community.”

The new financial center will have office hours of Monday- Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

About Southwest Bancshares, Inc.

Southwest Bancshares, Inc. is a bank holding company based in San Antonio, Texas, which provides a broad range of financial services to its customers through its wholly-owned subsidiary Texas Partners Bank, which operates in its San Antonio, Austin and Texas Hill Country markets as The Bank of San Antonio, The Bank of Austin and Texas Hill Country Bank, respectively. The principal executive office of Southwest Bancshares, Inc. is located at 1900 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, Texas 78213.

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