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Pictured: Barbara Daniels, Chief Financial Officer at Notley

For a company like Notley, success is measured by community impact. Characterizing themselves as, “a band of relentless changemakers providing magnetic risk capital to maximize momentum and social good”, Notley’s business model helps a collection of nonprofit and for-profit entities flourish and powers meaningful community development. 

Chief Financial Officer Barbara Daniels oversees the complex financial management of Notley’s 189 dependent entities and needs a bank whose thought partnership helps her find fresh, outside-the-box solutions to complex financial deals.

"What's really nice about The Bank of Austin is that they help us figure out complicated business situations. They help us structure things in a way that is most efficient for us. So, I really feel like I can come to them with an idea, and they will do their best to provide a solution."

—Barbara Daniels

When Barbara started her journey with Notley two and a half years ago, during the COVID pandemic, the team at The Bank of Austin helped her navigate the challenging time with support for Paycheck Protection Program loans. As Barbara was filling out the loan applications late at night and receiving emails back from Bobbie Bishop, SVP, Treasury Solutions Relationship Manager, and the rest of The Bank of Austin team at 10:30 pm, she knew she had the type of partnership she needed to weather the storm.

Now, two years later, those relationships have powered Notley to continue to grow its business development efforts, and execute new deals to facilitate community impact. Barbara’s collaboration with The Bank of Austin’s team to provide fast and flexible decision making has helped her innovate the types of financial solutions that will ensure lasting impact in Austin.  

“At Notley, we are cutting edge,” says Barbara. “Our founder thinks of things that our bankers have never heard of before. But all of our contacts here that we work with are willing to help me think things through.” And that, she says, has proven invaluable.

"It is a pleasure working with Barbara and the Notley family. Being involved as they grow, we have seen an innovative team that has made a strong impact in the Austin area."

—Bobbie Bishop

BOBBIE BISHOP Senior Vice President, Treasury Management Sales Manager At Texas Partners Bank

 Senior Vice President, Treasury Solutions Relationship Manager 

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